Easter is coming soon, have a great week everyone! Badminton Districts are today and tomorrow in Amherst, good luck PRHS and have fun! ~We are in the process of coordinating and integrating a new school-community communication tool, "Alert Solutions". Information has been sent home to parent/guardians these forms need to be returned to Julie please. ~Happy Birthday this week to ~Aiden M, James R, Haley H,Josie R, Christopher W, Cameron R, Colton M, & Gabby S~

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Exciting news announced today at assembly.

PRHS Students are now permitted to wear hats in the building!!

But don't forget the RULES,

  • Only in  halls, entryway & cafe, (Remove before you enter an educational setting (ie:classroom or gym)

  • Must have school appropriate logos

  • If you wear in classroom like the cellphone policy you will loose it for 2 days.

Good Luck  to all students with this new change!

Exciting News


Valentine's Day run









Librarian Matt Cole   


"Teens for Jeans"


Christmas Concerts at PRES

Christmas Concerts at PRES




Congratulations Muggies!!



On Halloween night students from Mrs. Siddall and Ms. Kernohan's leadership class ran a

We Scare Hunger campaign around town collecting items for the food bank instead of trick or treating.

The leadership class students as well as other students that helped from the school collected over

620 lbs of food for our local food bank. 


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