~Happy Birthday this week to Andrew R, Ferenz K, Nicholas H, Oliver H, Malerie W,& Dawson C ~ Have a great week everyone! Only 32 DAYS til CHRISTMAS Day!!

Front Page News



Visual Arts 10 Class represented Salvatore Dali, a famous surrealist famous for his moustache.  Salvatore would style his moustache.



Attn: Grad Parents!

The yearbook needs baby pictures and parent write-ups by December 15th please.  Parent messages are $10.



PRHS Students experienced something new this week in Physical Education Classes.

Joel & Tattiana showed them how to walk a slackline! 

Some staff even tried this out.

          Way to go Ms Stevenson!



                         Lions Club Peace Poster Winners


First Place Winner Hailey H


                            2nd & 3rd Place Winners

                              Emma M & Malerie W



         2nd Place Malerie W                        3rd Place Emma M


                Remembrance Day Ceremony







Inchies were made in Visual Art 10 Class to represent Remembrance Day and Flanders Fields. 

The students were each given an inch card stock and designed it.

All inchies were then put together to create a picture.

Very well done Visual  Art 10!




Movie Day!

The PRHS Leadership class is holding a family movie matinee of

“Inside Out” Sunday November, 8th 2015 in the high school

gym. Doors open at 1pm with the movie starting at 1:20.

Admission is $5 per person, or $15 per family. All proceeds go to

the Parrsboro Food Bank, for our “We Scare Hunger” campaign.

Popcorn and drinks will also be available.  Come out for a fun filled

family afternoon!

We will also be accepting food bank items at the door

Thank you again for your support and we hope you all enjoyed the movie.
 A huge thank you to our schools and community for attending the matinée on Sunday, November 8th, and helping our leadership 12 class raise over $500 for our local food bank, as well as 18 non-perishable food items. 
This event was to raise money, and food for our local citizens, as well as to raise awareness for the local, and global issue of hunger. We would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding regarding our technical imperfections such as poor quality and speakers.
Note: New Drivers
What are the additional GDL changes which will happen April 1, 2016?
Effective April 1, 2016, the minimum waiting period to take the passenger vehicle road test will
be increased by 6 months. This means that you will have to wait a minimum of 12 months 
instead of 6 to take your road test. The waiting period can be reduced to 9 months if you take 
a qualifying driver training course. 


Any parent or guardian or even someone who wishes to volunteer at our school,

there is a new policy with CCRSB that volunteers even drivers to sporting events,

need to get a volunteer package from the office, complete and send back in. 

























Exciting News



PRS is excited to announce a new fundraiser this year for our Athletics and Safe Grads.  We will be hosting a 

Drive 4ur School Event on October 3rd.  We will have a bouncy Obstacle course that you can challenge your friends for $2.,

eat a delicious hamburger for $1. or just check out the adults taking their turns driving a new Ford Mustang or other vehicle.

With each test drive, Ford Canada will donate $20.00 to our school.  

Let's  see if we can beat the other schools in Cumberland that hosted this event.

River Hebert raised $4000.00 Let's see if our school can raise more money. :)  

They had 200 test drives.  Let's GO PRHS!!

Click on the pre-register link on our webpage.













PRS garden is in full bloom. Fresh salsa will be prepared from veggies

harvested from the garden this week for student population to sample. If

is interested in getting involved please see Ms. Rochon 



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