~Happy December PRHS Students, Staff & Parents! ~ Happy Birthday this month to Kara S, Evan H, Rebecca M, Natalie & Nichole W, Kaleigh W, Jacob W, Shannon B, Shelby R, Madison T, Allison D,& Ms Kernohan ~ NSTU Labor action Information will be updated for your information on CCRSB ~ Have a great month everyone!~

Front Page News

NSTU Labour Action Information

For information on the possible strike please click the link below.  Thanks

NSTU Labour Action – Information for Parents & Guardians

NSTU beginning strike activity on December 5th

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union has announced that it intends to begin a strike action on Monday, December 5th at all schools in Nova Scotia.   

The NSTU has described the strike activity as a work-to-rule: Teachers will continue to teach in classrooms.  Teachers have been directed by the NSTU to stop any extracurricular activities like concerts, coaching teams or supervising clubs; field trips will not go ahead.  To be clear, this means that all holiday concerts, field trips and extra-curricular activities (whether planned for the afternoon, evening or during the school day) are cancelled as of December 5th and during the period of strike activity.

SchoolsPlus programming will continue during the planned strike action by the NSTU. Community use of schools will also continue, as we are able, for those organizations with signed facility use permits.

Changes to Morning Arrival / Afternoon Departure
The NSTU has also stated that teachers will arrive 20 minutes before school and leave 20 minutes after.

Morning arrival time at every school is 20 minutes before the first bell. Students who walk to school or are dropped off by a parent or guardian cannot arrive before this time. At the end of the school day, students who walk or are picked up by a parent or guardian cannot remain longer than 20 minutes after the final bell. Supervision will not be provided to students who walk or are dropped-off outside of these times.

More Information
More details about the impact of the NSTU’s strike activity will be available in the coming days.

Messages to parents and guardians may also be issued via text and email through the Alert system. If you are not yet signed up for Alert through your child’s school now would be a good time to do so. Contact your school office to begin this process.

Please continue to monitor the CCRSB website at, as well as Facebook, twitter and the mainstream media for updates and developments.

Rememberance Day Ceremonies Nov 9th, 2016


This year our Remembrance Day Ceremony will take place at the Cenotaph.

Please read the following announcement:

Permission forms for our Remembrance Day ceremony will be given to the teachers first period today to distribute to period one classes. These must be signed and returned tomorrow. At first period on Wednesday there will be short homeroom for teachers to gather forms and to check names off class lists. Please note if the student is absent. At this time teachers will send their class lists and forms to the office.  

Our ceremony this year will be tomorrow, Wednesday, third period. Recess will be from 10:30 to 10:45. At 10:45 students go to their third class where attendance will be taken. Staff and students will then leave together from the elementary side doors, going down the hill to the drug store, and gathering at the cenotaph. Please dress for the weather. If it is raining we be walking to the Legion for the ceremony.


Please have your forms ready for tomorrow, first period.  If you have questions please see Ms K.



Winter Weather Is Coming!

Please read new info on Winter Weather under the tab on the left.  New options regarding cancellations from our Board.


FYI- PRHS has just been outfitted with a new entry system- mandated by the CCRSB. Doors will remain locked throughout the school day and students and visitors to the school will be required to 'Buzz In' and stand by the buzzer ( camera) so someone can verify your identity and buzz you in. 
Just a note: Julie, our wonderful admin assistant, is only at the school until 1:30 each day. After 1:30 we cannot guarantee that there will be someone in the office to answer the buzzer for the door.

Look who were caught celebrating Hallowen :)




Don't Forget Students,

Friday is Teacher Confrence Day.  

Enjoy your long weekend :)


Don't forget your costumes for Monday!!




Pajama Day at PRHS

Look who got spotted wearing their jammies!!


Junior & Senior High Students


Grade 7 French Class



Code Black Drills were successful although cold on Monday


Safe Choice Driving School will be offering a six hour Defensive Driving Course on

November 6, 2016, at the Diligent River Community Centre.

Civic # 10267, Hwy 209 .

Hall is on the right, and it has a red roof.

You can bring your lunch, or leave from 12-1 and go to Parrsboro to purchase it.

This will run from 9 am to 4 pm,

and it will enable you to get the "N" off your license plus some are required to take it for point purposes.

The price is $100.00. If you are interested, please send me your full name as is printed on your Driver's License, and your Master Number, and your phone number/e mail for contact purposes.

Please contact me via e mail with the above information. My e mail is

Would you please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.

Please feel free to cross post, and to send to as many sites and schools as you can.

It will depend if I can get six students to do this, otherwise, it will be cancelled.

Thanks so much.




GOOD LUCK Sr Girls Soccer at Regionals!!


SPIRIT WEAR Order is going in this week

We have long sleeve t-shirts & hoodies!

Don't forget to order yours'

Ask Maddie about prices!




Look who wore a Canadian Jersey!!

Congratulations Ms Morris!


SAC Meeting scheduled for Thursday October 13th has been cancelled.  Resheduled for next week Thursday October 20th @ 6pm in the Library

The Nourish Your Roots vegetable box campaign was successful.  Thanks to PRHS students we sold 133 boxes.

The Grade 7s and Grade 10s tied at selling 40 boxes. WTG!!

The grade 7s went to Springhill and helped fill the boxes with the help of Mrs Rochon & Helene.  Thank you both for your assistance.

Hawaiian Dance

September 28,2016

Grads Ready to ROCK!!

Nate's got SPIRIT!!


What's in your Backpack PRHS?




Don't forget your school supplies & student fees



Both Softball teams & Archers Austin Ashley Jerrid & Kara received the Barry Wood Memorial Award on June 29th at Town Hall. Congratulations to everyone for reaching

Provincials in your sport!!



Kids Sport Applications can be found at the bottom of our home page.  Just scroll down and click on the KS16 link.


Any parent or guardian or even someone who wishes to volunteer at our school,

there is a new policy with CCRSB that volunteers even drivers to sporting events,

need to get a volunteer package from the office, complete and send back in. 














Memories of PRHS 2015-2016
















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