~Happy July & August PRS Students, Staff & Parents! ~ Happy Birthday this month to ~ Have a great August everyone!~ Only 1 more week before SCHOOL starts!~

Front Page News

I hope everyone had a fabulous summer and is ready for 




Don't forget your school supplies & student fees


 Soccer Season is here..

Do you have your gear?  

This season starts the first week of school.


Both Softball teams & Archers Austin Ashley Jerrid & Kara received the Barry Wood Memorial Award on June 29th at Town Hall. Congratulations to everyone for reaching

Provincials in your sport!!









Here's a cool Summer Literacy Calendar.  Who can do this over the summer? 


Color Fun Run June 4, 2016 



Check out the Softball page for season pictures :)


Kids Sport Applications can be found at the bottom of our home page.  Just scroll down and click on the KS16 link.


Any parent or guardian or even someone who wishes to volunteer at our school,

there is a new policy with CCRSB that volunteers even drivers to sporting events,

need to get a volunteer package from the office, complete and send back in. 














Memories of PRHS 2015-2016
















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