~Happy April PRS Students, Staff & Parents! ~ Happy Birthday this month to Marissa S, Slade Y, Kristi F, Ethan D, Megan R, Katie F, Magnus G, Will D, Shannon W, Sky Y, Logan E, Victoria McL, Anna R, Connor C, Nate N, Zachary McC, Jude Y, Jorja T, Emily C, Donavin C, Josie A, Margaret McC, Braxton McC, Dru N, & Ms Amy McGraw.~ Have a great April everyone!~

Front Page News


Heading off to the NSSAF Dinner in Halifax, Athletes of the year Kylee Smith & Corey Merriam

with Coach of the year Charlene Smith & Ms Stevenson all representing PRHS.

 Way to go everyone!


PRHS activities on Leadership

PRHS & ADHS Students & Staff heading to Cops n Kids Camp for a

leadrship camp at the Tim Hortons Camp for the weekend.

Mrs Rochons grade 7s, planting squash, beets & marigolds in 

recycled pots for our outdoor classroom gardens.

Grade 9 Math (Mrs Rochons Class) celebrating Earth Day making

seed starting pots out of recyled newspapers :)




A few PRES Students participating in Earth Week Activities.

Cumberland Schools Catering Society

New Pricelist can be found under the Cafteria Menu Tab


A couple students have borrowed the office USB’s and are asked to return them as soon as possible.

The gym will be open on Tuesday and Thursday at noon. 

Students are reminded that they are not to be entering the office without permission to pick up printed items.  Please check with Julie if you have items that have printed to the office printer.

Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month™ is here! Every year in March, we celebrate the importance of nutrition and its role on learning and well-being. This year’s theme is “The 100 Meal Journey” which encourages Canadians to make small changes to improve health, one meal at a time. Think about it: Canadian children consume almost 100 meals each month. Making one small positive change to each meal and snack will quickly add up and support their overall health and learning! Please join our school in our efforts to create healthy learners this month and every month!



Winter Carnival Fun!!



Kids Sport Applications can be found at the bottom of our home page.  Just scroll down and click on the KS16 link.

PRHS will be hosting a NS Student Assistance

( student loans/apps and other financial options to fund post secondary) presentation for

interested students in grade 12 and 11 ( if room) and for any community parents

who may wish to attend.

 Thursday, March 31st at 1:30 pm




Safe Choice has been informed, by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, that anyone who obtains their beginners up to and 
including March31st, 2016, will fall under the old rules of getting your license.  So, I will be putting on another course
early March, if there are any students that want to take the course that turn 16 before March 31st.  They will then be able to
get their license in three months.  After April 1`, 2016, even with  Driver's Ed Course, they will have to wait 9 months, and without
the course 12 months.
This course will begin March 2, 2016, IF there are enough students to participate. 
Please contact Heather MacDougal @


PRHS Safe Grads participated with local Emergency Services in a Red Ribbon Campaign for Madd Canada



Note: New Drivers
What are the additional GDL changes which will happen April 1, 2016?
Effective April 1, 2016, the minimum waiting period to take the passenger vehicle road test will
be increased by 6 months. This means that you will have to wait a minimum of 12 months 
instead of 6 to take your road test. The waiting period can be reduced to 9 months if you take 
a qualifying driver training course. 
Any parent or guardian or even someone who wishes to volunteer at our school,

there is a new policy with CCRSB that volunteers even drivers to sporting events,

need to get a volunteer package from the office, complete and send back in. 














Exciting News















PRS is excited to announce a new fundraiser this year for our Athletics and Safe Grads.  We will be hosting a 

Drive 4ur School Event on October 3rd.  We will have a bouncy Obstacle course that you can challenge your friends for $2.,

eat a delicious hamburger for $1. or just check out the adults taking their turns driving a new Ford Mustang or other vehicle.

With each test drive, Ford Canada will donate $20.00 to our school.  

Let's  see if we can beat the other schools in Cumberland that hosted this event.

River Hebert raised $4000.00 Let's see if our school can raise more money. :)  

They had 200 test drives.  Let's GO PRHS!!

Click on the pre-register link on our webpage.













PRS garden is in full bloom. Fresh salsa will be prepared from veggies

harvested from the garden this week for student population to sample. If

is interested in getting involved please see Ms. Rochon 



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